South Coast Veterinary Services is a local, independent and complete veterinary care provider.

We offer a full range of exclusive, mobile, in‑home and specialist care for your pets.

A growing number of pet owners are turning to mobile vet care for their furry family members.

Mobile vets are an ideal solution for families with pets who are shy, scared or skittish. Having your vet come to you is a great option for the elderly. It’s also great for people with hectic or unpredictable schedules, and couples with a new baby or young children at home. Mobile Vet services are great for large or aggressive breeds, if you’re a multi-pet household or if your animal has mobility problems.

Many Pet Owner prefer mobile vet services

Many family pets experience extreme and debilitating stress when they travel even a short distance.
Because it’s not unusual for a distressed animal to vomit or lose bladder/bowel control car rides to the vet’s office can cause unnecessary stress.
With a mobile service your pet only has to endure the walk to the waiting mobile vet unit.

When your vet comes to you, you and your pet can wait in the comfort of your own home. Families with several pets can also get everyone wellness-checked at the same time. This can also avoid multiple vet appointments and managing the logistics of a trip to the vet.

Examining a pet in their home environment is also more helpful and productive. It’s far better than attempting to diagnose problems when the animal is stressed. Having SCVS visit you also lowers the risk of exposure to diseases in a clinic or waiting room. This is particularly helpful if your pet is very young, elderly or has a weakened immune system.

Many owners facing the death of their beloved companion prefer to have their pet euthanised at home. SCVS can facilitate and advise on this process so your pet can be surrounded by family members.


Experienced care … for happier, healthier pets.

As experienced, caring and professional vets we treat a range of animals big, small, near and far including: cats, dogs, puppies, kittens, rabbits (and other pocket pets), birds and reptiles. We offer a full range of mobile, in-home care for your pets.

Mobile Vet and Home Visits

Our fully-equipped, mobile, home-visit service offers a complete range of care for every pet and owner — from routine check-ups; to flea, tick and worm prevention;  vaccinations; microchipping; disease management; dental & dietary care; and general consultation.

Palliative and Compassionate Care

Caring for, and saying goodbye to older pets is never an easy time. For many people, being at home with your pet in familiar and comfortable surroundings makes the situation less stressful and eases the process a little. We can offer palliative care, advice and access to cremation services.

Puppy School and Behaviour Training

Behavioural issues are a common, frustrating, and sometimes difficult problem to solve. A SCVS behaviour trainer can help with effective training and solutions for anxious pets, barking or aggressive dogs, and inappropriate soiling in dogs and cats.

Consultation with Ongoing Support

Knowing that not everything needs a visit to (or from) the vet, we offer ongoing care and support with phone and video call consultations. Our easy options and payment plans make managing your pets medication and routine care even easier.

Medication and Prescriptions

We understand that medications and prescriptions can be a confusing and expensive things to manage. Our Prescription and Medication service streamlines the process, with the option to have medication delivered to your door when it is due.

Specialist, mobile vet service in the Shoalhaven region.

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