I was really excited to meet Chit Chat not long ago in Vincentia. Chit Chat is a lovely, friendly, chocolate Labrador who belongs to a qualified Delta Dog Trainer.


Chit Chat has been trained as a Delta Therapy dog, which means she must pass a strict temperament assessment. Chit Chat passed with flying colours and it was requested that she take the highly esteemed role of being a therapy dog in the Randwick Children’s hospital. Only the best behaved get this gig!


Chit Chat and her owner visit the kids in hospital two to three times a month. The visit provides a welcome distraction from daily life in the hospital. The children and their families as well as the hospital staff are allowed to pat and cuddle with Chit Chat, she even hops onto the bed for some special doggy time with some of the children. She goes into the Starlight room and hangs out with Captain Starlight and also gives the busy doctors and nurses some doggy-relaxation vibes!


Delta therapy dogs have been scientifically proven to physically benefit hospitalised patients by reducing blood pressure, providing tactile stimulation, assisting in pain management and motivating patients to move, walk and stimulate their senses.


Emotionally having a visit from Chit Chat improves self-esteem, acceptance from others, has a calming effect and lifts the mood of the patient, often provoking laughter.


A dog in the hospital decreases the unfriendly, sterile feeling and lifts everyone’s’ mood and this continues after the visit.


Keep up the good work Chit Chat.