Safe Gardening.

Poisonous plants can mean a disaster for the family pet.There is a great website with a comprehensive list of toxic plants for easy reference which I recommend you keep book marked. 
It is not uncommon for pets to rummage through the garden, especially if freshly planted, no matter how well fenced or well behaved the pet. To be on the safe side, plant non-toxic plants.
Here is a list of poisonous plants that can potentially kill pets if they are eaten or chewed on..Azalea, Castor Bean, Cyclamen, Daffodil, Easter Lily, Foxglove, Oleander, Sago Palm, Star Gazer Lily, Tiger Lily.
There are a lot of other plants which do not contain fatal toxins but can give pets an upset stomach or an irritation in the mouth if eaten or chewed. The resulting discomfort might require medical treatment, these include…Aloe, Begonia, Bird of Paradise, Bougainvillea, Calla Lily, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Cosmos, Elephant Ear, Fleabane, Gardenia, Geranium, Hibiscus, Hydrangea, Isis, Mother-in-law’s tongue, Pansy, Peace Lily, Plumbago, Poinsettia and Primrose.
There is an even longer list of safe plants that can be chewed up and eaten with no ill effects of any kind….Alyssum, Daisy, Boston Fern, Bottlebrush tree, Camellia, Canna, Impatiens, Marigold, Nasturtium, Pampas Grass, Persian violet, Petunia, Rose, Snap Dragon, Spider Plant, Jasmine, Sunflower, Sword fern, viola, and Zinnia.

You may like to plant a little catnip for you pet cats. Catnip is a safe and non-addictive recreational drug for cats given as an occasional treat, it contains a mild hallucinogen which cat like to indulge in.
Please also be award of the extremely toxic nature of snail baits and do not use these around cats and dogs, despite some products claiming that animals will not eat them, so usually still will and they are very dangerous.
Happy gardening!!