The wet weather may mean your dog is cooped up inside and you may not be able to take him for a walk.

It has been shown that dogs respond to an indoor game or learning a trick similar to a 30 minute walk.

You could play a nose game with your dog. Hide a treat under one of 3 cups and teach you dog to find which the treat is under, then reward him with the treat. Dogs have millions of scent receptors in their noses.

Teaching tricks is great fun and engages the dog mentally and then you can show off to your friends too. Tricks to start with are shaking paws, roll over and spin. Be patient and use lots of positive reward.

You can also use the rainy day time to groom your dog and look over the coat and skin for any changes like lumps and bumps. Reward your pet for good behaviour when they are calm and accepting of the grooming.

If your pet won’t go out the rain or onto the wet grass to toilet, use this weather to highly reward him if he goes out to toilet. Begin by rewarding him for standing on wet grass and then for walking on wet grass and save the best treats for when he does toilet in the wet.

Having you pet ‘crate-trained’ is really handy in wet weather if they start creating havoc inside. ‘Crate or mat- trained’ pets are trained by positive reward that the crate or mat is a safe space where they are rewarded for being calm and relaxed.

Pets love the spend time with their families, so make the most of the inside time.